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Enhance Your Evidence-Based Discussions with Clients and Prospects with a Customized (and Free) Infographic

Evidence-based investing (a.k.a. passive investing) is a complex concept, and it can be hard to get total buy-in from your clients and prospects, especially when the markets are acting up. Advisors use visual aids to help clients understand how their portfolio is doing, so we thought, “Why not do the same to explain evidence-based investing?”

So we partnered with Wendy J. Cook Communications to create an infographic that compares evidence-based investing with traditional active investing to clearly explain the difference between the two and why you choose evidence-based investing.

And that’s not even the best part…

So What’s the Best Part?

We will customize the infographic for your firm for free. We’ll add your logo, primary brand color, and disclaimers, then send you a print-ready digital version of the file at no cost to you.


How Does It Work?

Excellent question. The form on this page asks for your name, logo, disclaimers, and a couple other items. 

After you submit the form, we’ll customize the infographic into something uniquely yours that you can share with your clients however you want. Turnaround time on the digital file is one week.

Can I Print the Poster?

You certainly can! The digital file is yours to share, print, and display however you want. You don’t even have to give us any credit or tag us in your tweets (although we love being included — *cough* @wendyjcook @getmineral *cough*).

Can You Print the Poster for Me?

You bet! We can print and ship a 24”x36” physical version to you for $30 (international orders add $10 for shipping). To order a poster, check the box that says, “Yes, please send me a poster.” You can expect to receive the poster within three weeks after you request it (international orders will likely take a couple weeks longer).

Plus, you’ll also still get a digital version to use however you like.