Focus Your Marketing on Clients You Want to Work With

Everyone has three to five ideal client types (personas), whether you realize it or not. Knowing who those people are and what they do can help make your marketing strategy more efficient and cost-effective. But understanding who those people are and what interests them can be difficult and incredibly time-consuming.  

Not anymore. Our latest ebook – “Who’s Your Client?” – compiles eleven of the most commonly used personas in the financial advisory industry. This free resource is designed to help you understand your target audience better, save you time and money by focusing your marketing efforts, and assist you in creating further personas for your more unique clientele.


Pinpoint your ideal clients with the help of our investor personas.

Whether your personas are busy business executives, widows, or retirees, this ebook will tell you who they are, what drives them, and how to attract them. So stop wasting time and money on unnecessary marketing, and start targeting your ideal clients.


Who's Your Client? - Coverx2

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