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Full-Service Video Production for Financial Services

Communicate, Educate and Engage Your Audience Through Video

When a few paragraphs or a photo aren’t enough to convey your message, Mineral can help you use video to communicate your value to clients.

See How Mineral Can Help

We have options for every type of aspiring video maker.

Live Action Video

If you’d like to feature yourself, your office, or your office dog, we can help.  We are a full service firm, and we’ll film and edit your video, find the perfect music for a backing track, create animations for your logo and other visual designs as necessary, and provide all the other services to turn your vision into a professional experience. We’ll even source on-screen talent to stand in for you if you’re not comfortable in a speaking role. Mineral provides filming production services both on-site and in our office studio.


If a video featuring your team and office doesn’t seem to fit the brand you want to present, we also provide complete animation services. From the initial script to storyboard concepts to animation, music, and hosting the final video, we can guide you through every step of the way toward making a video that will wow your clients, and deliver the content you need them to hear.


There’s a filmmaker in all of us, and some of us actually go ahead and listen to the muse telling us to start making videos. If you’re the type that wants to record yourself giving a monthly market update, or talk a little about your services, but you don’t have the confidence to launch, we’re here to help to bring your vision to fruition. Mineral can offer consultative services to get you the right set up and know how to add video as a critical part of your firm’s growth strategy.

Full Service Recurring Videos

Consistency is the key to building long-term relationships, and producing consistent video can help you establish your expertise and provide continual value for your clients. Mineral will help you script an updated video each week, and then take creative control to produce a weekly update video to help reach new and existing clients. Creating accessible, valuable video content on a weekly or monthly basis can be simple and straight-forward with Mineral’s production team on your side.

The human brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text.

Videos are usually presented as stories, and stories are 22x more memorable than facts alone.
jennifer aaker stanford
Jennifer AakerStanford

Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.